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Group of computational mathematics

Research Activity

Work areas

  1. Stability of numerical methods for delay differential equations.
  2. Computation of the joint spectral radius of a family of matrices.

Journal Publications

  1. N. Guglielmi, R. Guerrieri, G. Baccarani, Highly-Constrained Neural Networks for Industrial Quality Control , IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks, 7 (1996), 206--213.
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Publications on Proceedings

  1. N. Guglielmi, R. Guerrieri, M. Mastretta, L. de Vena, Highly-Constrained Neural Networks with Application to Visual Inspection of Machined Parts, Proceedings ICASSP-93 1 (1993), 629-632.
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  5. N. Guglielmi and E. Hairer, Geometric proofs of numerical stability for delay equations , IMA Journal of Numerical Analysis, submitted, (1999).

Contributes to volumes

  1. N. Guglielmi, R. Guerrieri and G. Baccarani, Neural networks techniques for the optical inspection of machined parts and Figures. in press on: Computer-Aided Design, Engineering and Manufacturing (CADEM) Systems Techniques and Applications by C. T. Leondes (editor), (2000)

Fortran Codes

Delay Differential Equations
For nonstiff problems For stiff problems, including differential-algebraic and neutral delay equations with constant or state-dependent (eventually vanishing) delay.

Class Activities


  1. Numerical analysis: Diploma in Production Engineering.
    1. Teaching assistant for:
      1. Mathematical Methods for Engineers: Diploma in Automatical Engineering
      2. Numerical analysis: Diploma in Automatical Engineering